Friday, February 27, 2009

Could it be that time.........

The lovely Bradford Pears have unleashed their white fury this week. When they blossom that is like the first round of the alarm clock going off. Of course, there will be some snooze's (unlike spring-like days) mixed in but it mostly means that warmer days, especially, warmer mornings are here. Yippee.

Thursday at lunch I got in a nice easy 3 mile run. Windy and pleasant outside, weather was around 75 degrees. Yesterday was much warmer and more wind. Highs around 90 and wind out of the west around 20-25. My route in fact took me west down Seymour Hwy. The bumps and wind made for a nice exercise and when I turned I enjoyed a really nice tailwind on flat concrete averaging 25 plus MPH. I would prefer to get out for a 30 plus mile ride but with only an hour or so for lunch, 20 miles will do.

Well, I fell behind significantly for goals for February but that is okay. Daylight savings and warmer days will motivate me and give me more time to get out. 

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