Saturday, March 28, 2009

Run and Goal Update

I am going to start with updating my March Goals. I am no longer setting goals. I seems I fall well short in the old goal department. So, for now I am going to concentrate on just establishing a base for running and gradually increase my riding miles as the days, weeks and months tick by. Weather this month as been interesting to say the least. Great early part of the week, only for a cold front to blow in that saw temps at 30 this morning and some sleet/ice/snow on the roofs/chairs/flat things. 

I did get in a couple of runs at the Y indoor track this week. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to another tomorrow. Next week might be slow in the workout sched, wife leaves for St. Thomas with a couple of friends for the week. Soccer/Tball/Soccer/Tball/Baseball. That would be my evening/after work plans next week.

Hopefully, I can take advantage of lunch time runs or rides. Weather appears to improve each day. 

I am pleased to say that I have not had any piriformis/sciatic issues since I started running. I attribute a lot of it to stretching. I broke down because of the pain and ordered a DVD from The Aspen Back Institute and I incorporate their stretching plan in my day-to-day. Works great. I read an article in National Geographic Adventure about a year ago by Steve Casimiro. I thought I would try it out.

I am planning on a couple of 5k, 10k and maybe 50k rides this spring. The end of May is Muddy Buddy Nashville. this would be year 4 for me and BIL.

Upcoming Events
  • May 2nd Run for the Son 10K - Colonial Baptist Church 
  • May 16th Byers Bike Bash 100k
  • May 31st Muddy Buddy Nashville

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

dirt and road....

Got a couple of runs in last week, 3 plus and and 2 plus. Okay with that as long as I maintain it a consistent running base. Both runs were okay and just reaffirmed the fact that I really do not like to run.....yet. I do feel better running, just not comfortable. Lungs are fine, but road legs are not there yet.

Today I saw a little bit of dirt time, finally. My Better gave me the thumbs ups for an after work ride with a couple of buddies. Weather was perfect, around 90 when we started but cooled off for the second loop to around 80 with a breeze. Total ride was about 15 miles and it felt great. Pushed fast the first loop and a nice easy second mile loop. Hoping to get in a yoga workout tomorrow but we will see. Kids are home for spring break, one of which is recovering from surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. He is on day 5/6 and after a bad day yesterday did great today. Hopefully he will see better days over the next few days. 

No road rides and no core work. My evenings are absorbed with soccer/tball/baseball and preparing taxes. Yippee.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Run,run, yoga

Great weekend, great weather. Highs near mid 80's. Daylight savings. Added up to spending all but 1-2 hours outside yesterday with the kids. Dealt with 2 soccer games on saturday and 2 baseball practices on sunday. Good stuff.

I did get to enjoy a nice 3.75 mile run on saturday, albeit a windy run. Temp was great, nice and warm, wind was out of the south and around 20 mph's. Felt good. Planned on a 20+ mile road ride or hit the singletrack for about 15 miles. Decided on the road because of lack of wind. 2.72 miles in doing a brisk 28 mph downhill I ran over something that just gashed both tire and tube. Had a spare tube but no tire, hoofed it home. Got home, via a lift from a friend I bumped into. No cell phone. Changed the tire and tube and was going to go again but decided on a nice easy run instead. I was just kind of meandering thru the neighborhood not really caring how far I went, ended up just under 3 miles. Legs felt great, could have kept going but "other" wanted to run also. I am anxious to up my mileage over the next few months. I would like to split the week with 3 runs/3 rides. Weather turns feb-ish on wednesday and stays around 50 thur saturday.

Today I did an hour of yoga at lunch. Felt good to do it again and stretch out. So March is starting off better than February ended. 

So for the week, 3 runs of 9.5 miles and 2 core workouts.

Friday, March 6, 2009

March Goals

Stoked for March, spring is springing, daylight savings this weekend, grass is growing, warm mornings. Very nice. Now, I have to find my groove. Most days, nights and weekends are wrapped around the kids, the house and the wife. Not a complaint, just harder to make room to ride or run. Mostly it is my lunchtime. I have a friend that can go for a run at a 11 pm. Not I. I see March as being very productive.

So, here are my goals for March:

  • On the Feet.....30 Miles
  • On the Dirt Seat.... 25-40 Miles
  • On the Road Seat.. 75-100 Miles
  • Yoga 4-8 Times a month
  • Core No less than 20 times
Haha, those seem ridiculous considering I did not even come close in Feb. Oh, well, cup half full kind of guy.

On the piriformis/sciatic front. Nary an issue last month. The stretching, core and overall strengthing of abs and back are doing great. 

So far in march I have 2 core workouts and a 3 mile run. Planning 3 runs this weekend to get back on pace and hopefully a road workout as well.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow.....One month down and March Goals

Well, February wrapped up a tad disappointing. Mainly on the bike and core work. It started promising but faded towards the end of the month. Sadly, I only achieved 1 of my Feb goals, it was the most important to me, running.

So, since last fridays post and to end February I got in a blistering, endurance of run of 1.5 miles. Now I will say this, the wind was steady at 30 mphs and it was cold. I made one loop and stop at the the house. I did not get another ride, core or yoga workout in over the weekend. Here are Feb's totals in relation to Feb's goals in parenthesis.

On the Feet(20 Miles).......25.5 Miles
On the Dirt Seat(40-50)....30 Miles
On the Road Seat(50-60)..27 Miles
Core Workouts(14)............6 Times
Yoga(1-2 Per Week)...........2 out of possible 4-8

Yikes. I did miss it. On to March. Post later for March Goals. Off to do a core workout. :)