Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow.....One month down and March Goals

Well, February wrapped up a tad disappointing. Mainly on the bike and core work. It started promising but faded towards the end of the month. Sadly, I only achieved 1 of my Feb goals, it was the most important to me, running.

So, since last fridays post and to end February I got in a blistering, endurance of run of 1.5 miles. Now I will say this, the wind was steady at 30 mphs and it was cold. I made one loop and stop at the the house. I did not get another ride, core or yoga workout in over the weekend. Here are Feb's totals in relation to Feb's goals in parenthesis.

On the Feet(20 Miles).......25.5 Miles
On the Dirt Seat(40-50)....30 Miles
On the Road Seat(50-60)..27 Miles
Core Workouts(14)............6 Times
Yoga(1-2 Per Week)...........2 out of possible 4-8

Yikes. I did miss it. On to March. Post later for March Goals. Off to do a core workout. :)

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