Thursday, February 19, 2009

Temptations of Temporanillo

I ditched my "loop" run for a glass of temp this evening. I think I get a mulligan a week, right?

I did get some core work in this morning and will do some crunches and push-ups later. Better half is doing yoga downstairs. I am getting kids in bed. 

Hmm...I might try to squeeze some yoga in.

Starting sometime in the next few days I will post and discuss my stable of gear, i.e., shoes and bikes. Also, Beauty and the Beast is back and running in Tyler, Texas next month. Might try the 64 mile route with my buddy JDub. Coming in May is Muddy Buddy Nashville with BIL. And just a few days til St Jo.

While I am rambling, for those checking out the Tour of California, got time, check out Elden's coverage over at the Fat Cyclist. It is a hoot. Also, the ToC Tracker is running nicely, since the rains stopped. The full coverage video is sweet.

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