Monday, February 23, 2009

St Jo in the books, totals so far and a cactus.....

First off, very disappointed in last weeks effort. Unmotivated in core, running and riding. I was looking forward to the weekend and a trip to Bar H Breaks in Saint Jo, Texas. Chilly morning and some great trails. Lots of long uphills and super fast descents. Got in a about 15 miles, well short of the 25 I had hoped for. That's okay, beat us up pretty good. Cactus story coming up soon.

Okay, last week did not add up the goal totals like I would have liked. I enjoy midday runs this time of year instead of night, dark runs. Nights were chilly and that Unmotivated me. I did manage 2 runs, thursday and a 4.33 mile run saturday, that was really smooth and easy. I could have easily ran another 30 minutes. Weather was perfect. Also, did a short 10 mile road ride. Core was limited to twice and NO yoga. Oops. Guess that means 2 this week, plus 40+ on the road bike to meet Feb goals. Should be interesting to say the least. So, here are the totals so far:

On the feet....21.83 miles----goal met
On the dirt seat....30 miles---10 more miles
On the road seat...10 miles--need 40+
Core....6 times---Fell behind schedule
Yoga.....Still at 2

I really have my work cut out for me. So, my excuse. I honestly was concentrating on a running base this month  more than riding. However, I did make plenty of excuses not to ride on off days. Wind is my favorite. I think I did accomplish the goal for getting back into running. The last last 2 or 3 have been comfortable and am actually looking forward to going this evening. 

Now, the cactus story. So, we get to BH Breaks and proceeded to go to the hardest trail section there, Devil's backbone. We did not know that it was the hardest, honest. The trail is roughly 5 miles of switches up and fast gnarly downhills over loose rocks, root and nicely hidden under last falls leaves. Each time you top out you ride a nice plateau for a bit and than descend again. Well, on one of the plateau's was a log going across the trail. No prob, simple bunny hop and I am over. Nope, obviously a little tired and my chainring came down on the log and I flipped over it. No biggee, except I was laying on a cactus, yes, a cactus. Which can and did penetrate 3 layers of clothes. So I shuck down to shorts and proceed to pull little tiny needles out of my skin. Now the fun moment. My rear tire starts hissing. 2 large needles thru my sidewall. Got all needles removed, changed flat, redressed and headed on.

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