Monday, March 9, 2009

Run,run, yoga

Great weekend, great weather. Highs near mid 80's. Daylight savings. Added up to spending all but 1-2 hours outside yesterday with the kids. Dealt with 2 soccer games on saturday and 2 baseball practices on sunday. Good stuff.

I did get to enjoy a nice 3.75 mile run on saturday, albeit a windy run. Temp was great, nice and warm, wind was out of the south and around 20 mph's. Felt good. Planned on a 20+ mile road ride or hit the singletrack for about 15 miles. Decided on the road because of lack of wind. 2.72 miles in doing a brisk 28 mph downhill I ran over something that just gashed both tire and tube. Had a spare tube but no tire, hoofed it home. Got home, via a lift from a friend I bumped into. No cell phone. Changed the tire and tube and was going to go again but decided on a nice easy run instead. I was just kind of meandering thru the neighborhood not really caring how far I went, ended up just under 3 miles. Legs felt great, could have kept going but "other" wanted to run also. I am anxious to up my mileage over the next few months. I would like to split the week with 3 runs/3 rides. Weather turns feb-ish on wednesday and stays around 50 thur saturday.

Today I did an hour of yoga at lunch. Felt good to do it again and stretch out. So March is starting off better than February ended. 

So for the week, 3 runs of 9.5 miles and 2 core workouts.

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