Friday, March 6, 2009

March Goals

Stoked for March, spring is springing, daylight savings this weekend, grass is growing, warm mornings. Very nice. Now, I have to find my groove. Most days, nights and weekends are wrapped around the kids, the house and the wife. Not a complaint, just harder to make room to ride or run. Mostly it is my lunchtime. I have a friend that can go for a run at a 11 pm. Not I. I see March as being very productive.

So, here are my goals for March:

  • On the Feet.....30 Miles
  • On the Dirt Seat.... 25-40 Miles
  • On the Road Seat.. 75-100 Miles
  • Yoga 4-8 Times a month
  • Core No less than 20 times
Haha, those seem ridiculous considering I did not even come close in Feb. Oh, well, cup half full kind of guy.

On the piriformis/sciatic front. Nary an issue last month. The stretching, core and overall strengthing of abs and back are doing great. 

So far in march I have 2 core workouts and a 3 mile run. Planning 3 runs this weekend to get back on pace and hopefully a road workout as well.

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