Tuesday, March 17, 2009

dirt and road....

Got a couple of runs in last week, 3 plus and and 2 plus. Okay with that as long as I maintain it a consistent running base. Both runs were okay and just reaffirmed the fact that I really do not like to run.....yet. I do feel better running, just not comfortable. Lungs are fine, but road legs are not there yet.

Today I saw a little bit of dirt time, finally. My Better gave me the thumbs ups for an after work ride with a couple of buddies. Weather was perfect, around 90 when we started but cooled off for the second loop to around 80 with a breeze. Total ride was about 15 miles and it felt great. Pushed fast the first loop and a nice easy second mile loop. Hoping to get in a yoga workout tomorrow but we will see. Kids are home for spring break, one of which is recovering from surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. He is on day 5/6 and after a bad day yesterday did great today. Hopefully he will see better days over the next few days. 

No road rides and no core work. My evenings are absorbed with soccer/tball/baseball and preparing taxes. Yippee.

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